Are You In Need Of Dental Implants?

How dental implants from your dentist in Broken Arrow, OK, can save your smile

Are you in need of a new smile because of missing teeth? If so, you need dental implants! The truth is, dental implants can save your smile by giving you back what you have lost. Whether you have lost only one tooth, several teeth, or even an entire arch of teeth, dental implants can restore your smile.

Dr. Randy Fagan in Broken Arrow, OK, offers a wide range of dental services, including dental implant treatment to give you back your smile.

Dental implants are often the treatment of choice for tooth replacement because they offer so many amazing benefits. Consider that dental implants:

  • Look just like your natural teeth; dental implant crowns are made of light-reflective, high-grade dental ceramic which looks just like natural tooth structure. After they are placed, dental implants are virtually identical to natural teeth.
  • Are completely stable; a dental implant screw is embedded in your jaw during a simple in-office procedure. Bone fills in around the implant screw, locking it in, so it never moves. Dental implants become a permanent part of your smile.
  • Are easy to maintain and keep healthy; you simply brush and floss your dental implants just like natural teeth. The ease of caring for dental implants makes them fit in well with your busy lifestyle.
  • Help you maintain the bone in your jaw; more bone means less facial sagging, a firmer jawline, and a younger-looking face.

When you choose dental implants, you will enjoy successful tooth replacement because dental implants boast a success rate of over 95 percent, according to the American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons.

The amazing benefits of dental implants make it clear that if you are missing teeth, you need dental implants! To find out more about how dental implants can help you and your smile, call Dr. Randy Fagan in Broken Arrow, OK, at (918) 455-6406. Call now!

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